President's Day Weekend

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We are heading over to Treasure Isle Marina on Treasure Island for the long weekend.* Weather is supposed to be on the cold and rainy side Saturday and Monday but nothing too snotty (rough and windy).* Anyone else have plans?
Hi PG,
Yea** ...wer'e going to go to the store before the snow gets deep.


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How much snow is needed for the boat to be unstable (higher center of gravity)?
LOL Eric! I guess that is the price you pay for living in Akaska?!? We just got back from wine tasting at a place yards from the marina and we're settling in to warm up with more wine and a huge piece of chocolate cake. :)
I went out for a solo imprompt cruise on was just too damn nice of a day. Saturday, we went to a gumbo cookoff and had an absolute blast. Sunday was a chill and recover day. Monday did a quick haul on the boat and then had to head out for work. I have 13 days off coming up....hope to do a little boating then!!!!
Hi all,
Didn't mean to scare ya w that pic but it was taken several years ago and on that year there was more snow after the pic. No boat sank that day but skiffs do sink from snow.
I hav'nt seen a boat capsize and I'm sure not worried about Willy w her 2 tons of concrete in the bilge and Willy was'nt riding much lower in the water either. City Hall called us out to shovel the docks as they were in possible danger of sinking. All went well but this year we had less snow (2') and now we have about 6". It's predicted to be 15 degrees tonight and we need to get up at 5 to get Chris to court for jury duty. It's our normal shopping day but she may get off***** .......or I'll have to do the shopping. By the way that pic is a good example of Brightside Sundowner Buff** ..and it gets much brighter in the sun.
No snow at TI

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