Pilothouse window strut

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Oct 7, 2011
Vessel Name
Miss Lee
Vessel Make
Krogen 42
The center pilothouse window on my Krogen 42 has two lift struts.* When the window is in the open position the bottom of the window frame is right in the midddle of my line of sight.* I have looked for a strut with a longer throw, but have not had any success.* I am also concerned that if I get a new strut, that it may not have the correct amount of "thrust" to either support, or overexert and make closing tough.* Anyone else have this issue and suggestions?


P.S.* Sure wish the Krogen community participated more on this site.
So that's as far as they open? Mine will open totally horizontal, out of my line of sight. One of the OEM ones broke, so I replaced it with one from WM, which also promptly broke. I bought another set, but haven't installed them yet. I'm actually thinking of replacing the entire window set.
Thanks Keith,

You seem to be the only other Krogonite on the site , although I do see comments from Molly Blossom* occasionally.* Nice hearing from you.

The strut only allows the window to go to about 45 degrees.* I am sure this is not OEM, so I have no idea what characteristics OEM had.* Could*you let me know how your new struts work; and if you like them, the model number.**I am particularly concerned with the strut length, throw, and pounds of force.

Another question.* How do you close the window when it is fully extended?* Do you have a rope or go outside and push?

Talk to ya soon, Glenn
Glenn;* We don't really use the struts.* I'm afraid that they will fail in any sea and slam the window shut.* We**made 2 pieces of teak 3/4" x 3/4" x 19" that I prop the window open with.* I didn't want the window to open any further because of the wiper arm.* It's not pretty but the I feel the window is secure.* We also have a smaller set so so I can open the window about 4 inches.*
I usually go outside to close the window, but if it starts raining, I just stand on the platform under the wheel and reach over and release the strut to lower the window. I'm still working with one strut right now, but will let you know how the new ones work once installed.
Krogen pilothouse window strut

Hi Keith,
Did you ever get the struts installed? How did they work? Can you give me the manufacture and model. Thanks, Glenn
No, and I may not. I'm thinking of replacing the entire window assembly. Maybe that's another way of saying "I'm lazy". :)
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