pilot 34 companionway door bearings

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Sleeping Bear

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Jan 27, 2015
Hi all, seems the wheels are coming off the companionway door on my '03 34 pilot.

Anyone know what they look like, where to get them, and how to change them?


34 pilot door

Oh, come on everyone, no responses to my post asking about the rollers in the door, can't be i am the only one with this problem, or am I that special?
Or unlucky.
Yes, I suspect you are unlucky. When I had my Pilot 34 I marveled at how smooth the door slid open and closed and wondered how to get in and replace those bearings or wheels if they failed. I obviously still don't know.

On my Pilot 30, when I first acquired it last year, the door (sliding companionway door) was a bit recalcitrant as you described. I washed the door sliders with a pressure washer and was rewarded with lots of vegetation rolling out the other side. That, plus a little spray graphite, improved operation greatly. A hose with nozzle should do the trick as well. Spray into the track parallel to the direction of operation. You might try just the graphite first if your boat has not been moored near trees.
hi rod,

i did this job on our 03 34 pilot. you will need to remove the cover to the left of the companion way. this will give you access to both upper and lower track. here is where i got ours: https://www.boatoutfitters.com/hardware/sliding-door-hardware/sliding-door-trucks. sorry don't remeber details on the procedure, although you might have to cut an "outlet" on upper track to get the car out w/o removing the track. the cars on upper and lower track are different.

good luck
Pilot Door

Hi John,

Getting ready for spring, want to do the door, don't spose you know which cars you needed for this.. they come in different sizes?


sorry, not sure on which of 3 it is. boat is in ct and we're in fl. won't be back until may.

Thanks John, we are in FL too, boat is in Canada, wish I knew because it is a lot easier to order down here than in Canada.

Guess I will just take it apart in May then order from them then. We don't launch the boat till June up there.

Always looking forward to fresh water:)

Ok, back at boat, took door apart (stripped screw, drilled out, broke key in lock, shoulda removed it, not too much blood spilled, but the whole thing is a dirty mess).

Found Boat Outfitters advertise these door trucks, but no stock..... found Flounder Pounder Marine (this is true) and they have them!!!

https://www.fpmarine.com/Sliding-door-track-rollers-p/door truck a 23mm.htm

Boat takes two of the 23 mm and two of the 25mm trucks.

I just bought a 34 pilot and the companionway door binds and I am assuming that was the issue you were having. Just so I am clear you replaced the track and that solved the problem?

If you could outline the basics for me I would greatly appreciate it!

No, you replace the rollers, the track is probably ok. Rollers from Flounder Pounder Marine ( I'm not making this up), or FP marine. The guy knew exactly which rollers I needed.

Flounder Pounder Marine 2 Websites covering all brands ...https://www.fpmarine.com

They specialize in Sea Ray stuff, but Mainship used the same ones.

Not a big job, half day........Ha

Have fun
Roger All on the door trucks and have reached out to FP Marine.
As for taking the door apart/off I am assuming you just unscrewed all the screws holding the top piece in place. I am assuming also you needed to strip out the caulking that is in place on the forward seem and you recaulked it after you replaced it.

I want to make sure I am not missing something before I get started on repairing the door.


As I remember.........

Yup, have to remove all screws on the cover, cut the caulk, lift off the cover.

Then remove the four screws that hold the door to the upper trucks, and the screws on the bottom U shaped piece that the door sits in. Lift out the door,

Remove bottom track.

Top trucks come out without removing top track.

Change bottom trucks.

Assemble in reverse order.

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