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Seems to be an issue with uploading pictures to the site. *Let me see what I can do and let me know if/when it is resolved.

Old Stone wrote:

Me too.........figured it was a newbie problem, but the upload never completes itself. Had no problem with the avatar, so the picture files shouldn't be too large. Look forward to what you discover.
Carl, welcome.* I had some of the same problems, and even got some large pictures to upload.* They displayed too large.* The best way that I have found is to click on the little box to bottom left of the insert picture dialogue box.* You can then upload as a file name.* The picture will display as a thumbnail size that can be clicked on to enlarge.

Hope you put some up.* I would like to see your boat.

Until it is fixed, one can still post pictures IF you embed them in your post using the IMG feature on some of the free photo posting websites out there such as photobucket.com.
Given the cold weather today I rather like this picture:

Moonstruck wrote: "the upload never completes itself."
It just happened to me!

Here ya go.....Test!!!

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Seems to be fixed.
It was a nice Fix too!
I'm glad it is fixed but it would be informative to know "what happened?"
(Is the gal on the right your niece, John?)
John, I don't think that it is quite fixed.* My pictures don't look as good as yours!
SeaHorse II wrote:

(Is the gal on the right your niece, John?)
Uhhhh, I don't think so Walt...

This was my crew for that day with "their clothes on"! *It was the annual crawfish boil at the Marina.....of course this is a larger file for testing purposes!!!


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Yep....working just fine!!!
John, thanks for fixing it whatever it was. You do have interesting crew. Mine never look quite like that these days. Funny how your crew get older with you, so the skipper is past his best too I guess. Let's do a test pic post and see.

Yeah....definitely past his best...... that's ok for me to say, by the way....you'all don't hafta chime in so gleefully.


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Hmm, I am not sure it is fixed. Could you please upload some more of those test pics??*

Multi pic test!!!

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Baker wrote:

Multi pic test!!!

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JohnThat first photo turned out real fine. I didn't look at the others.*

That first pic is wonderful!* Canoe stern huh? Is the hull blue or black and what's that brown vent sticking up in the background? Great pic!*
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