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Feb 5, 2010
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Polly P.
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Monk 36
[Edit, posted this in Power Systems by accident.* If a MOD can move to appropriate forum please do]

I'm flying a bare pole on my bowsprit...* That is where one should fly the yacht club burgee or personal signal from what I understand.* I'm not a memeber of any yacht club, and I'm not on the loop etc, so I need a personal signal to fly.

What do you fly from your bow flag pole, if you have one?* If a personal signal, how did you come up with it and how did you get it made?

Thanks in advance.


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Mine is just a red flag b/c it was the closest I could find to burgundy.* I wanted something complimentary to the existing boat colors. (A white surrender flag was not an option.) I rely on it as a wind indicator.

Since my boat has somewhat of an aviation theme, I'm considering installing a small windsock


or a red burgee with white block lettering that says "Remove Before Flight" like this:

Although its not "proper" we fly a comissioning pennant at the bow , but as an ex NAVY boat it works.

We use a large Gasden Flag (Yellow Don't tread on me) as national ensign.
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