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popeye 1812

May 20, 2024
north highlands CA
Hello all, brand new to this forum....user name is popeye1812.
Just acquired a 1984 CHB tri cabin. it has a 200hp perkins.
are there any manuals available? starter just spins but dose not engage the flywheel..... any thoughts....
Good morning, welcome to the forum. I found this workshop manual here on the forum, hopefully it helps.

I also have a couple of Perkins T6.354M's in my 1985 Hershine. They're great engines, very simple and long lasting if they're taken care of.
I have a couple of Perkins 6.354's in my CHB.

I just recently replaced both starters (one was just rebuilt and the other was replaced. It is pretty simple to pull them out and take them to a shop to get them looked at. It could be the solenoid plunger not pushing the drive wheel to the flywheel...

Here are a couple of pics showing them...


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I believe the starters are made by Delco so no rocket science. Take it to any auto electric shop.
I'd smack the side of the case with a hammer. There's a good chance it'll engage. Then take it off and lube the mechanical solenoid. DIY repairs are the best because they're the cheapest.
Best off taking it to a rebuild shop. 1984 is likely original. Getting it rebuilt is cheap.
You dont want to be playing whack a mole when its time to leave an anchorage.
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