Perkins 6.354 Parts Prices

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Jul 30, 2009
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Hey, I was just looking at some "tune up" parts for Dr. Perky. I contacted Trans-Atlantic Diesel and found this:

The fresh water pump is $206.39,

thermostat $ 25.48,

breather $64.69,

oil cooler o rings $ 4.69 each,

spare injector $164.02

and raw water pump repair kit $ 164.73.

I know it's a boat and all, but don't these prices seem high? Even for "marine grade"? Any other places I could try?
Yes it has been my experience that Perkins parts are gold plated.

You can try a Massey Furgeson tractor dealership for an engine part that would not be marine specific, such as the coolant pump, thermostat, gaskets, etc. They put 6.354s in the tractors of that era.

Raw water pump is probably a Sherwood, so you could try there or Depco pump in FL.

Injectors you probably won't get a break on but they can be rebuilt for about $60/80 each.


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