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Jul 20, 2016
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Toad Hall
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Bluewater 40
Hello all,
Joe, the perfect boater here.
Yup, after our last crossing of the Straits of Juan De Fuca I can honestly say that I have learn all there is to know about boating. Like:
1. I already knew that no matter how calm and beautiful the morning is you still listen to the weather BEFORE you pull the hook. I have known this for years.
2. I already knew that no matter how calm and beautiful the morning is you always, I mean ALWAYS, secure the dink to the davits.
3. I already knew that you always secure the two chairs in the main cabin before you get under way or they will fly across the cabin and take out the dinette table.
4. I already knew how to fix the dinette table, even had all the supplies on hand.
5. I already knew that all 4 ports in the master cabin must be closed before the start of ANY crossing or salt water will fill up this one horizontally mounted 110 vote outlet and take out the whole circuit on that side of the boat.
6. I already knew how to fix said circuit.
7. Latch all cabinet doors? Yep, knew that.
Shoot, I even went straight to the aisle at Walmart that has the replacement coffee pot for our coffee maker, no wasted time looking for it, just went right to it!
One whole trip where I didn’t learn a single new thing. First time for me in 40 years of boating.
I have arrived!
I am awesome!
I am.........the perfect boater!
I am now fully and totally qualified to answer the two most controversial questions that have plagued the boating community since the dawn of time:
What is the best anchor and is a single better than twins.
Gotta tell you, there is this kind of ........calmness that comes over you once you know the answer to the two most debated questions of all time. Feels good.
Well, it’s a beautiful day for boating, see you all out there.
Good post, Joe, we all need the reminder!
LOL! That was hilarious!
You spoke from the heart and from the heart of all of us who have walked those same aisles at Wally World looking for things we have already replaced.

Been there, done that, have the t-shirt. Thanks for the chuckles.


Pride goeth before the fall, Joe.


There ya go

You see, if you had had stabilizers on your boat, you would not of had a chance to learn many of your lessons.

No something is wrong. You have to go back and make the crossing again. There has to be something new to be learned you must have missed it.
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