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Dec 22, 2009
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ok, decks are all done. wood is 80% striped.. going to use cetol on the wood and then once that is complete Im going to paint the tops sides. here is a list of my choices let me know what you all think...

imron industrial paint mixed at the local auto finishers $65 per gal

interlux brightside $75 per gal

pettit easypoxy $27 per qt

also my decks have a layer of 15oz biaxial fabric that i layed down with west system, should I use a 2 part paint over that or just a one part. im going to roll and tip the whole topside...*
I've used Interlux Brightside in the past on a wooden boat. Wasn't impressed-chaulked badly after 2-3 years. Don't know about the other two.
A popular paint among the GB crowd is Interlux Toplac. It goes on smoother than Brightside and has a higher gloss. A consideration is that (according to the Interlux website) Toplac is not recommended for high wear areas. For that they recommend Brightside, which is supposed to be tougher.

We've been refinishing and rebuilding all the windows on our boat over the last bunch of years, starting with the aft head window which we rebuilt in 1999. With one or two exceptions when we tried Toplac, we've used Brightside on all the frames including that first one. The frame on the window we did in 1999 looks pretty much today like the frame we refinished last year. We've not experienced any chalking at all. It's a wood frame so after stripping off all the old paint we painted it with multiple coats of CPES, then primer, then two coats of Brightside. It's not needed or received any touch up coats.

The longevity of the paint may depend to a degree on the climate, too. Up here, we've had no issues with paint deterioration on anything we've painted with Brightside or Toplac.
i think im going to go with imron
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