Paccar diesel engine.

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FF wrote:The Camshaft is belt driven , and its failure may cause engine death , as so many cars do.

Not much chance on a marinization* as a boat engine with this failure profile ...
Wrong as usual. The cam is timing gear driven off the rear gear train.

"The cam is timing gear driven off the rear gear train."

Sure does't look like it in their diagram ,

Although in the US the International DT 360 or 466 would still be my #1 choice for under 5 gph power.

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The cam is indeed driven off the rear gear train and timed with the crank via idler gears. what you see at the front is the A/C compressor. The only main part that is belt driven is the water pump and that has a speed sensor that the ECU monitors to give a warning in the event of a belt failure so you wont over heat. I have been working on the MX since the early Prototype and development days in 2003. GREAT engine! The predecessor, the XEC engine, was used in the marine industry. I suspect the European version of the MX may follow in those foot steps.
Wrong as usual.

Just curious, but is RickB actually a nom de plume of Keith Olbermann?* There are so many similarities, I'm starting to become suspicious....
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