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Scraping Paint
Oct 23, 2007
I wonder if the growing trend to copy and paste long--- and I mean LONG--- articles from newspapers and other publications about all sorts of things from Obama to the Afghan war to Multiculturalism is getting a bit out of hand.* I'm not suggesting that the topics of discussion should be limited or that any particular viewpoint should be disallowed.* Only that the size of a copy-paste should be limited.* If for no other reason than they collectively take up chunks of server space that could be better used for personal posts either on OTDE subjects or boating subjects.

Perhaps a better approach would be to BRIEFLY describe or summarize the printed excerpt or article--- or include a few SHORT summary sections from it--- and then post the link to the article or report so that anyone who wants to read it verbatim can easily find it.

I have no issue with people writing long posts--- I'm as guilty as anyone of this if not the most guilty--- but simply copying and pasting great long articles or columns from publications does not seem the same thing to me.

Just a thought......
I agree...make a comment, then link to the subject.
I'm disinclined to read any post containing verbiage longer than a computer-screen full.* So, consider verbose threads unread by me.
That excludes most of marin's posts then.
Keith wrote:

That excludes most of marin's posts then.
The Ancient One speaks a great truth.* I don't write for short attention spans.* My writing at work is aimed at airline CEOs and such.* My books are aiimed at people with a genuine interest in the subjects.* It's too hard to shift gears for the See-Spot-Run crowd so I don't. Better you skip my posts than get bogged down by them.

Guys, I'm a frequent user of hyperbole.

Nevertheless, if it isn't a subject dear to my heart, I'll usually just scan very long posts.

Marin, I've no intent to ignore ya.* Keep it coming.
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