Ordering a new anchor

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Jan 20, 2010
Hello all,

I'm putting together an order for Super Sarca and Sarca Excel anchors from Oz.* The cost of freight delivered to Seattle is $1.72/# by boat, and perhaps less.* This works out to about 17% of the price of the anchor, more or less.*

The below is a comparison of costs for these anchors, plus a reference to Rocna and Delta.* The Rocna and Delta prices are with my builder's discount at Fisheries - some may do better, but a spot check shows these prices probably to be about as good as most can get.* The Sarca and Excel prices are those Sarca quoted to me - I'm happy to send you a copy if you want.* They would like to prime the pump for U.S. interest, so are offering what I think is a very fair price compared to retail in Oz.* If anyone is interested in participating in a bulk shipment, let me know by private email.

I was wondering how that Oz anchor gig was going. I'd be in there for sure but I'm kinda locked in w my present gear for now. Got to concentrate on getting Willy ready for her 1st trip of the summer * * ....around Baranof Is. What size did you decide on Carl? 138#?
You forgot to add in the cost for me to travel to Australia to pick them up for you...
Delfin, I'm pleased to hear it. Not only so I'm not the only one on here with a Super Sarca, but because it is a decision you will not regret. I can assure you of that. Benn over here at Mooloolaba has an Excel, and he's happy with his as well, and you are getting one of each. Some might call it overkill, but hey, nothing wrong with a 'belt and braces' approach.
Must admit if I could hang one of each off my bow I would.
But at present the other roller has to be used for my reef anchor and the width of both a Super sarca and an Excel would be a bit much.

Eric, I have a 176# Bruce, so I will be going with the 275# Excel, not shown in the sprad sheet above.* No matter what they say, size matters.....

Giggitoni, hopefully I can pick one of for you myself in a couple of years and bring it back by way of Japan.

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Don't forget , when you do get down here we may be able to cruise the coast in company for a while.
Go south and do the Tassie coast.

I didn't make it to Tasmania, although it looms mythic in my imagination.* I do however remember the Auntie Jack skit "Gidget does Tasmaina".* Remember that one?

"or I'll rip ypur bloody arms orf" how good is that.
Ah the memories.

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