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Apr 27, 2015
New to the forum. Planning to join the trawler owners community in next couple years and starting the search. Unable to find data on the construction techniques/quality of the Marine Trader Europa Sedan 36 built after 2007 or 2008. Attractive boat but want details on hull lay up, composition, was it vacuum bagged? Woven cloth or chopped Matt? Vinyl ester resins or what? Wood below waterline... Want to be able to cross to the Bahamas and cruise islands and boats hold be strong enough to handle unexpected Gulf Stream pounding without getting roughed up... Read all about the older models but near nothing on the new
builds out of China... Any help out there?
Welcome to the forum. I've been a member for a week and I'm amazed at the breadth and depth of knowledge and... maturity of the members! Amazing.

People cross over to the Bahamas is all types of boats. I have friends that have crossed on a Searay 240, 19 ft center console and 22 foot deck boat. Others have crossed on jekskis and one guy did it on a paddle board. The key is being patient and not being on a time schedule. That being said, I don't think the hull design on a trawler is going to be an issue going to the Bahamas. Good Luck on your search because it is half the fun of being a trawler owner.
Like windmill said with a little planning you'll be fine, the boat will take far more then you will.
Welcome from a MT owner
RE: Post #3 "...maturity of the members!"

Clipper Cove has shallow waters. Anyone have local knowledge how deeper-keeled boats can approach where they should anchor? My only experience was docking overnight at the marina, and approach had its "shallow" moments even staying near the north-end of flat Treasure Island as recommended.

Clipper Cove Anchorage Permits | Treasure Island Development Authority

I apologize. Posted on the wrong forum! :banghead:
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Thanks to all! I should pass along that the former owner operator of the Marine Trading dealer at Tom's River apparently passed away. Tried them and unfortunately they are having trouble obtaining any credible details of Hull composition and lay up. It is unclear whether the operation will continue at this point... Just unclear! I appreciate the insight that the boat is likely tough enough to take a rough Gulf Stream crossing, I just know that the more flex in the hull we get, the more loose fittings and cracks in fit and finish we may see... Again, my thanks and all insight welcome!
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