Northwestern 45 new owner Sorrento, FL

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Mar 21, 2017
Sorrento FL
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Northwestern 45
Just wanted to say hello. Joined for the wealth of knowledge this forum has to offer. I am a live aboard.

Planning many long distance trips with this choice rig, and enjoy reading and living the "Trawler Life"



I'm not sure if it has anything to do with this new TF member but when I opened this thread I got a warning from my laptop security system that this thread was trying to open a new app on my laptop.
No problem here either! Sounds like a virus problem on YOUR computer.

Welcome aboard Michael!
It's just me. I'm kinda computer illiterate so the possibilities of me doing something like that is nearly impossible. It wasn't me.
Sorrento Fl looks pretty far inland where will you keep your Northwestern?
Welcome to the forum! Congratulations on the new boat.

Thank you. We are very excited. Purchased boat in Palm beach Florida and crawled:) it up to Jax,fl and up the St Johns River to Deland Florida. Near our honey bee farm in Sorrento,Fl It will be there for a couple months while we do some conversions on the boat (i.e. Solar Panels, wind Generator and new awnings for the upper helm, and the bow of the boat). Getting it set up for some big trips. Once we pack her in, we are off for a trial run to the Bahamas for a month,,, then bring her back to New Symrna/Daytona beach. Make ness. Adjustments there,,, then off to the next longer run (most likely head towards the Grenadines for a couple months etc.).

Very blessed and very excited for this next adventure in our new boat:)


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