Northern Neck VA to New York

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Jan 1, 2011
I will be taken my 65 ft boat back North and I am looking for additional crew. If you are interested in learning how to operate a small Ship then email me. Non smokers/ drinkers please. I will get you back to VA. No cost to you for the trip up or back. I supply everything. Good opportunity to learn the Ropes. Leaving second week of august.

Is the "Ship" a sailboat, trawler or what? *Where is "North," the final destination? *Are you contemplating ICW or outside? *Will the trip be nonstop, or will there be time for sightseeing? *How long do you anticipate the trip will take (assuming good weather). *

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My guess knowing what little I know about Bornsailor it's probably the 65' Army T boat. One of my altime favorites for a boat. Just wish I could afford the up keep of one.
maybe going to halifax,nova scotia, thats what i saw on the u ship it websight,could be that it is a different boat also. but how many t boats are in virgina? but is a great trip for somebody to get a little know how

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