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Jan 7, 2019
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2013 North Pacific 43'
Have some really stubborn dirt/grime/stains (not sure what it is) on my white non skid flybridge deck. I’ve tried lots of different products/bleach/stiff brushes but just can’t get it up. Almost looks like something was splattered. Acetone has been suggested but I’m a bit reluctant to do that.
Any product and/or technique suggestions would be most appreciated.
Thx -
What type of nonskid.
if Awlgrip try light sanding with 400, very gentle then wait couple days for color to match.
Try using a heavy rubbing compound and hard bristle brush in a small area. If you make progress, I've had success using one of these on my heavy duty rotary buffer. They come in different stiffness bristles.
Bar Keepers Friend works magic on some stains. Make a paste rub in with a tooth brush and let it sit on the stain for 30 minutes.
Have you tried FSR?

I’ve used it on cleaning up lots of stuff from whether nonskid, showers, hull sides and all manners of FRP and epoxies - with great success.

For varnish drip acetone very good.
The steel wool will leave micro pieces of it on the deck and they will rust.
Have you tried Soft Scrub with Bleach, Dawn Powerwash, and plain old lanolin hand cleaner? Amazing what the last two in particular will remove with a stiff scrub brush, and they're fairly benign.
Marykate on and off will probably clean it effortlessly. Use it sparingly and carefully (use PPE) and have a hose ready for rinsing. Also, don't apply with a brush; a rag is the way to go for control.
For stubborn bird and iguana crap I soak it down with dawn and water and then scrub with a white scrub pad and then toss the nasty pad away. I have awlgriped non skid.
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