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sun seeker

Jul 26, 2020
Hello to all. Looking to get back into boating , we are from St. Louis Mo.
moved here to follow the grand kids

looking at a 1982 42' harbor master houseboat , 1000 hrs on motors
any pros or cons hours are a concern
Welcome, Austin is a great area. I'm guessing you'll be boating on a lake?

If the boat is in a listing, see if you can post it here so we can look it over.
Great boat to live aboard and great for rivers and lakes, not so much for the Loop or ocean.

At 1,000 hours, the gas engine is generally considered to be "getting tired"

Welcome Aboard.

I am not saying it's not possible, but I can't imagine a 38 year old Harbor Master not being in pretty bad condition. House boats I've seen that age just showed weaknesses of workmanship and maintenance. Typically they'd experienced a good bit of leaking into deck level. As to the engines, clearly it sat and had little use. The generator hours would be interesting to see if it was used a lot at anchor or more likely just at the dock. Make sure you arrange insurance before making a purchase of that boat. It will be difficult to find and likely will require a survey.
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