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Dec 23, 2018
Just checking in. I've been sailing Narragansett Bay for almost 30 years, and with my wife for 8. We bought an old 31 ft Silverton last year to try out power boating. About the only thing we don't like is the fuel consumption of twin V8s.

We're very content to putt along at 8 knots, and we like the notion of being able to journey further up and down the coast economically. So we've started looking into trawlers, watching YouTube channels on it, etc.

We still have some experimenting and cruising to do on our Silverton but we could see moving up to a 36' trawler. Hopefully, we can learn alot by lurking on the Trawler Forum.
Welcome aboard! No need to lurk, let us all benefit from your experiences with the Silverton.
It's all about lurking and learning!

Although I've done alot of boat repairs and renovations over the years including repowering and extensive fiberglass work, I'm learning alot from repairing and maintaining the twin 318s in this old Silverton.
By the time we make a switch, I should be able to deal with most anything a single diesel in a trawler needs.
Welcome aboard.
Not everyone here on TF owns a trawler... heck we can't agree on what is oe isn't a trawler. I've heard it depends on which anchor you choose.
If you enjoy boating & cruising you are in good company.
Welcome and enjoy. I also have a planning boat that we use at 8 knots and I am good with that. Newer models with electronic ignition and fuel injection can be reasonable to run at slow speeds so it all depends on how you use it. Look forward to you sharing your experiences.
Welcome aboard. We are located in Warwick and would be happy to show you our Mainship 34 pilot to give you ideas on what might work. Feel free to pm me.
Glad to have another non-trawler boater on here. These guys and gals are nice enough to let me hang out here soaking up their knowledge and experience. So welcome aboard.
Welcome aboard, swampyank! It's more about the lifestyle and less about boat choice. We are power cruisers, one and all...except for the few unpowered blowboaters who snuck aboard when we weren't looking. :)hide:)
Just thought I'd post a pic so you know where we're coming from... 20180927_184059.jpeg
Welcome to the group. My marina is in Quincy but I make the trip down to Buzzards Bay (the town) several times a year. I own a mooring there.
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