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Apr 30, 2017
Vessel Name
Grand Cru
Vessel Make
Grand Banks Classic 1971
My name is Maureen and I own a beautiful Grand Banks Classic 1971 berthed in Marin county. This boat looks and rides like a dream Would like to meet other Grand Banks members in Marin County, CA. or in the SF area.
Would like some advice on how to repair a few things :)

Welcome. Search other threads for specific issues using the search function. Then put any questions not answered on the appropriate forum for that subject, and I think you should get plenty of info.
Welcome Maureen!! X2 to searching the archived threads. Secondly what specific repairs do you need help with?
Welcome to the Trawler Forum Maureen!
Hi Mo...welcome aboard. Do you have pictures?
Can't guarantee it'll be a GB but I'm shopping around for a trawler I can live on in the Bay area. As far as hull repairs, I can recommend the WoodenBoat Forum. They are a knowledgeable and helpful bunch there. They even have a Facebook group!
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