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Jan 25, 2011
Nice to find this forum.

We (family of 4 + a dog) in sunny southern california bought a 38' Californian in july 2010 and have enjoyed spending time on it ever since.
Look forward to being part of this community.
Welcome to the forum!! You have just found the best trawler forum to be found on the internet.
Woodsong wrote:

Welcome to the forum!! You have just found the best trawler forum to be found on the internet.
So tell us all about your dog.*

Err** I mean boat.



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the boat is a 1982 Californian 38' LRC powered by twin 3208 Cat's turbos producing 260hp each.
she has two statesrooms forward, a huge salon with dinette and gally.
i havent seen a lot of 38' Californians and none in my configuration.
attached a photo from Alamitos Marina - Long Beach, CA.
(dog is in the picture also..and she is a girl also..)


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Welcome per. I do like the Californians....and especially the LRC 38 sedans. they just didn't make that many of them. What kind of speed do you get out of those 3208s???
you know one of the things i really liked was the salon, i am 6'5" and can actually stand up inside.

economy cruise = 8-10kts, normal cruise speed for us is 12-13 KTS, and if you dont carry too much fuel/gear she will get up on a semiplane at 18KTS.

the cats we have is kind of a rare version, apparently it was made as a normally aspirated engine initially, then some company (in FL i think) made a retrofit aftermarket turbo for it, catepillar took this design to heart and started producing this version of the 3208 which is the ones we have.
they are running very well so far, my mechanic speaks highly of the engines and funny enough he used to work for Cat and recalls this turbo conversion model...

you know my neighbor at the slip is a Mainship boat for sale, looks real clean and i like that low profile, what are some of the best features in your opinion?

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