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Mar 15, 2021
Hi, all...

After 35 years of ocean sailing and four sailboats, I now want to buy a used trailerable pocket trawler -- a Rosborough 246, Caledon 25 or Aylward 25. If you can help me track down one of these boats, I would be very appreciative.


.....Grant I
Welcome aboard. Have you tried Yachtworld or Boattrader? Yachtworld took away the advanced search feature in the US version but if you go to the UK version it is still there. You kust have to change from meters to feet and puonds to US dollars. Good luck.
Welcome aboard TF.
Check thexTF classifieds - there is both a boats for sale and a boats wanted section.
There is also a trailerable trawler section that you can connect with current owners etc.
Yes, Comodave...I have all sorts of email alerts set up on both sites and other sites as well. Thanks for the hot tip on using the advanced search on the UK site.
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Grant check Craig’s List.
We’re right up the road from you. Our boat’s at LaConner.
The best trailerable trawler (if there is such a thing))most likely not)) is the Swedish Albin 25. Try to find one that’s been repowered.
This is a real trawler .. except they are not heavy. But thinking trailerable it may be a plus.
Thanks for the recommendation, Eric, I'll check out the Albin 25. I finally fixed my's Conway Massachusetts

Highly recommend the Albin 28TE for a pocket trawler.
Seaworthy, good build quality, economical with a single diesel and easy to handle with the standard bow thruster.
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