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J Brian

Oct 24, 2016
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Pacific Trawler 37
I recently joined Trawler Form and attempting to find my way around. We have a Pacific Trawler 37 "Ahwahnee" moored on Vancouver Island. Over the years I have viewed Trawler Form for general information on maintaining both our previous boat, a CS 36 "Farfetch" and now our current boat. This is my first post and I do not know how steep my learning curve may be finding my way around the various threads. J Brian
Welcome to the forum! If you can't find it through the search function, just ask. We're a friendly bunch until you ask about anchors, single or twins, flybridges and a few other hot topics.

Hello O C Driver

Thanks for the reply, I now know I am at least heading in the right direction. While I have your attention, does a thumbnail photo of our boat appear in my posting you replied to.

Welcome aboard eh? Nope, no

Welcome aboard, JB!

Your pic appears as your profile picture on your Personal profile page. If you use the USER CP link (left edge of top red bar), you can load your avatar (EDIT AVATAR) and adjust other settings with links on the left margin.
Hello Al

Thank you for your help. I think/hope a picture of our boat is now there. I can cross avatar off my learning list.

Welcome aboard! Great group of people and boats here!!! Have fun!
Welcome aboard TF. These really are a great bunch of knowledgeable boaters. They even let an old non-trawler boater hang out here.
Welcome aboard and this is one heck of a forum.
Birds of a feather float together! Welcome!!
Welcome! That's a good looking boat, a beautiful setting too!
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