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Jun 24, 2019
Vessel Name
Marcia Ann
Vessel Make
Grand Banks 36 Classic
Hi Everyone:

By way of introduction - Boat - Grand Banks 36 with twin Lehman's - 1982 model with ~ 1600 hours on original engines. Sweet boat. Classic layout. Built in Singapore. This one is my keeper.

In late August I'm going to be making the trek uphill from LA (Redondo Beach) to San Francisco. Since I'm fairly new to the offshore world, I'm hiring an experienced Captain to come with me. Should be a great trip.

My intent here is to get as much info as I can about GB 36 from other owners - fuel consumption, typical problems, that sort of thing. And once I'm in the San Francisco Bay area, I intend to be somewhat of an ambassador to those that are in the area as well as those that wish to come there.

Looking forward to this.

Going to be fun
Welcome aboard. I have run down the west coast but have not gone uphill. It is easier to go downhill. Good plan on the captain. Good luck and have fun.
Fill her full before you leave. Run to Santa Barbara, fill her back to full. Now you have good consumption numbers. Don’t relay on what others tell you. Get a good night sleep in Santa Barbara, leave early in the morning and run for Morrow Bay. Fill her back up to confirm your numbers. Now you have to make a decision, do you run through the night and straight to SF or do you get another nights sleep and head to Monterey.
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