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Jun 13, 2016
Greetings. My wife and I have been boating for quite a few years but have had our 1978 CHB for only 2 years. We love the boat and have really enjoyed the trawler life. Our boat, Northwind is nearly everything we want in a cruiser (our only request would be a walk around queen berth). We took five weeks last summer and cruised through the San Juan Islands to the bottom of Hood Canal and clear down to Olympia where we celebrated our wedding anniversary. Unfortunately due to commitments, we missed the best September I can remember, but we will make this up in the next few months as we explore the Canadian Gulf Islands and possibly across the straits to the Sunshine Coast. I look forward to enjoying all the hospitality this site offers.
Jeff & Debbie
CHB 34
Yes, welcome aboard the board. We also have a similar boat, a 1975 version, but in sedan style. I agree, apart from the lack of the island double, there is not much we would want to change. They are great two people, or young family boats.
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