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Apr 3, 2018
Hi everyone,

I'm the owner of a 37' C&L Trawler in CA. Finding lots of helpful information here so I thought Id post. My boat has some upgrades: wiring, 5 new AGM battery's, charger, new electronics, the twin Lehman 80's have most of the updates with 1800 hrs, all new engine hoses.

Along with general maint in the engine room, I have a good size list of upcoming projects including one slightly leaky aft cabin window and a cracked window in the galley that I want to replace. Hull out and paint due in the next few months. Some wood work and painting are in my future as well. My boat has fiberglass external decks with the exception of the fly bridge has a teak floor.

Main issue right now are the gauges: temp, rpm and oil psi all need work on one or the other engines. Plan to remove connections clean and rewire/jump to test ext.. The senders look ok and the alarm buzzers work, so wires and connections seem the logical place to start. Stbd tach might need replacing though.

I look forward to contributing.

Welcome aboard. Glad to see new boat owners posting.
Welcome to TF
Welcome to the Trawler Forum!
Welcome aboard TF
Lots of good folks and info here.

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