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Sep 4, 2013
Hello Everyone,

My husband of 26 years and I have always dreamed of living aboard a boat at least part time. Well the time is getting close. The children are grown and he retires next year. I have a four more years to go. While he is waiting for me to retire he is going to start taking classes and researching what boat we should buy. We are thinking to purchase between 45'-55' trawler.

We would appreciate any advice about what to look for in a trawler and what we should stay away from.

Thank you...
Hi Nikki: There's a wealth of knowledge here, and no such thing as a stupid question about boats. It's great that Hubby is starting the learning now, cuz the search for your dream is a lot of fun. Check out,, Boat Trader or anything else you can. Pick up boat mags at your local West Marine. Plan a vacation on a charter boat in a style of boat you're curious about. Check out Marinas and ask people about their boats. Begin to form an idea of the kind of boat that would do "your" kind of cruising. Fast or slow, diesel or gas, aft. cabin (sundeck) style, sedan style, Europa style, Tug, Pilothouse, Catamaran, Down East, fly bridge, cockpit, how many staterooms, heads (baths), full beam (full width) cabin or side decks for line handling, on and on. Don't worry about knowing anything, that's what the search is about, learning. Have fun and ask all the questions you want, but most of all, have fun.
Hey new girl...

Hey NikkiW...I am a couple of years away from acting on the same dream as you and your husband. I am doing exactly what healhustler suggests and actually really enjoying the process...enjoy, good luck, maybe we'll see you out on the water in several years...:thumb:
Good to have you check in with us and join a group of unusually knowledgeable and helpful people. I myself am not as knowledgeable as many are on here, but one thing that I think I can safely say, and that is not to rush into it. Take your time. Healhustler gave very excellent advice (which he usually does).


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