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Sep 15, 2013
This is the first and only forum I have joined. I have been boating since 1960 starting in Everett, WA. I currently own a 1986 44 Tolly CPMY, puchased in Sept. 2012. I am reminded that being fuel efficient may mean going at about "Hull Speed". On this vessel that is about nine knots and burns about 5 to 6 total GPH (twin 350 Crusaders with 1100 hours on each)although it drives the wife crazy. I live in Shelter Bay Community and have a dock on my lot. The boat is a pleasant place to be even when docked.
Does anyone out there have a consumption Vs speed chart for a twin gas 44 Tolly CPMY they are willing to share? Also I have a hardtop sundeck with canvas all around that has shrunk. I would like to repair or replace it but use a non shrinking material/canvas or ?. Any Ideas?

Welcome to the forum. When you talk about fuel consumption I am sure you will find lots of information / and opinions.

Welcome aboard. Since this is the first and only forum you ever joined, then you picked a good one to get initiated. The members are both friendly and knowledgeable, and that is hard to beat!

... I am reminded that being fuel efficient may mean going at about "Hull Speed". ...

My boat is nearly 40-50% more efficient at one knot below hull speed (6.3 knots) versus hull (maximum) speed (7.3 knots).

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