More ER space needed

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Interesting my generator is mounted at the rear wall of the ER against the bulkhead to the aft cabin, locker and aft head. It's mounted sideways with the weight on dead center.

They are all just a little different. I have a workbench where your genset is. It works well because there is a hatch directly above the workbench where I can stand without having to stoop over.

Regarding the other post about the strength of the tank, that won't be a problem and if you place the batteries any lower they would be in the bilge, not a good place for electricity ?
The batteries wouldn't fit in their container in the bilge. Plus there is only enough room for the bilge pumps down there and I believe some raw water intakes.
There is a hatch directly above my generator. In fact there are 2 larger hatches for the enines and at least 2 possibly 3 smaller hatches as well as access if I remove either set of (the galley or aft cabin) stairs.
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