Moorage in Jacksonville, Florida area

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Oct 14, 2007
Leaving around Novemebr 9th (after doctors checkup) to go see Luke (grandson) in Jacksonville, Florida.* Departing from the Washington, D.C. area and going down the ICW (AIWW).* When I get to Jacksonville I'd like to find some sort of moorage that would be less than the $250.00/month that Lambs Yacht Service would charge me.* I know that's pretty reasonable and it's a covered slip as well.* Still...

If you know of something, please let me know.


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There are no moorings in Jacksonville that I know of. There is one at Fernandina Beach, just north of Jax. You can call them at 904/491-2090 to get pricing.
If I could butt in, I would like to know of a Marina in the Jacksonville are to leave the boat for a couple of weeks around Thankgiving. Jacksonville's Beach Marina has such crummy heads that I hesitate to leave it there because of the days that I would be aboard before and after my trip. Any place reasonable besides Lamb's?
Thanks Mike. There actually is a mooring field at the head of the Ortega River near Lambs. When I said "moorage", I meant dockage in general. Just something close to my sons home. I have tried posting the same request on "Craigslist - Jacksonville" and I got a couple responses. So Doc you may want to try that and see what turns up.

If Brunswick, Georgia is an option for you Doc, then the Brunswick Landing Marina had beautiful heads when I was in there last April and no river currents to deal with.

Thanks for the help fellas.

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