Meet “Toby” the 1956 Crestliner Commodore 14

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Aug 6, 2017
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“Toby” has been sitting in the same spot for at least 35 years. I believe it’s a 1956 model year Crestliner Commodore 14, the “center decked speedster” model.

I had known it was sitting there since probably middle school, but never paid much attention to it as the property is full of old neat stuff. It was my good friend Jeff’s grandfather’s boat that Jeff got when his grandfather passed. Jeff isn’t a boat guy, so it sat.

It’s a survivor! That first picture, the shed looking thing next to it? Well that is one remaining wall of a shed that was ripped apart by a tornado in 2002, two other boats 6 feet from it were completely destroyed. Somehow, Toby was spared!

My 10 year old and I found it last year while helping to do some clearing, but Jeff’s parents just weren’t sure it should go yet. He became obsessed with it, me too. We just needed to be patient.

Yesterday patience was rewarded! Cut down a few trees, and Toby was out!

Pulled the whole deal home 4 miles on another trailer. Now the fun begins!
Check out the steering wheel! Isn’t it rad?

Full of dirt, sticks, and several colonies of ants that were not happy to see us. IMG_4564.jpg

A full wheelbarrow full of really nice dirt from sitting there for so long, we found the bottom. Ants are really angry now!

Hose work for 45 minutes, not too bad!

It came with the old seats, old controls, even the windshield is there! Also an Evinrude 33 hp engine, but that is buried somewhere in a shed. IMG_4565.jpg

We are obviously just getting started, kind of have this vision of not a total period correct restoration, but maybe a solid clean up, maybe some paint topsides , keep it classy while making it something the kids can enjoy and learn on where scratches and dents are ok.

Here’s a period brochure of what it is. Stay tuned for fun updates as we get started! IMG_4574.jpg
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Toby got her first polish. Not too bad for just aluminum cleaner!


Next will be a transom board rebuild.
Yep, my son and I want to make it nice but not a show piece. Thinking some light buffing topsides, then a nice treatment to stop future oxidation.

We are thinking “rat rod” style but on this little boat!
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