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May 26, 2010

Came across this on Youtube. Posting this here for Medicare recipients that may not know about this. The viewers' comments are also informative.

I sent the link to my parents and it was old news to them. They told me that they have Aetna for Medicare and when my dad was hospitalized abroad, they sent the bill to Aetna and they were reimbursed.
It’s not Medicare. It’s your supplemental or an Advantage Plan but not Medicare.

I was checked into an emergency room in Nova Scotia 4 years ago. I paid the hospital and surgeon directly when I was discharged.

Medicare said no. My supplemental through AARP/United Healthcare covered 80% after $250 deductible with a lifetime cap of $50k. How far does a life time cap of $50K go?


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Had a major incident in Europe. Was in ambulance, ER, ICU for 4 days, regular room for 8 more. Total bill, 5k. I think in the US, that bill would have been 50-100k (before insurance negotiated rate). Back in the states, had a similar procedure, was in regular room 2 nights, bill was 13k (before insurance negotiated rate). So my hope is that 50k outside the US goes much further than in the US. Have a friend who just went to MX to get dental implants. 1/5th the cost of US. Plus a nice vacation to Yucatan peninsula in the winter ;-)
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