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Jan 30, 2011
Does anyone know what the Bridge Clearnce is for a MT34DC with the mast down??
About 15 feet I think, but I wouldn't bet my life on it. Not more than though, I would think.
There is a sign on my flybridge that says 13.5 feet. I have a Europa sedan but it should be about the same. Passed under a bridge that had a clearance of 18 feet last year and it was scary. Up until the last second I wasn't sure I would make it even if the numbers said it would be fine. We almost had to sit down so we wouldn't hit our heads!
I just measured ours yesterday and it was about 14' to the top of the windscreen.

Now I have a few questions on height and the mast...

Our 1980 MT34 has a non-original aluminum mast.* PO said the original was wood.* Anyway, in a week from now we are going to go through a canal system in Canada with a bridge clearance of 22'.* And there are lots and lots of bridges (20+)*- raising and lowering for each is not an option.**This is a new purchase so I have to take it down to measure it but it looks to be about 25' and is currently situated on the rear cabin just behind the flybridge deck.* So my questions are:

Where do I store the mast so it is secure and not sticking out?

What height was the original mast?



25' sounds huge My 1973 34' had original wood mask Bridge is 16' If you need to take the mask down I would wrap blankets or something around and lay it on the bridge deck allowing it to stick out over the stern Lash it to the deck rails*** My mast cant be more then 7' tall just a foot os so over the bimini

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I did this to figger it out:

With my tape measure -
1. Waterline to main deck
2. Main deck to bridge deck
3. Bridge deck to sundeck
4. Sundeck to Radar Arch
5. Radar arch to top of anchor light.

I got 17'6"

Crude, but I got a number. Good luck.
I have a beam-on photo of my boat, taken by a friend we were cruising with.*


Depending on the scale of the photo, it's relatively easy to make a ratio calculation using the 34' LOA as a base.* Using this method I have made an educated estimate of 22' mast head height.** If I was ever in an uncertain situation, I guess I could use my radio mast as a "feeler"... tho at that point turning around would be difficult at best.*


Mast is wood, very likely original to the boat.

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ARoss wrote:
Using this method I have made an educated estimate of 22' mast head height.****
*FWIW, I measured my 40 Albin. Mast up I am at 22.5 feet, mast down I am 16 (to top of enclosure), "half mast" I am just under 19 feet. So the 22 foot estimate makes sense.
If you take 2 2x4's, do a little measuring, and make something it the shape of an "X" you can lay the mast in them, cradle style, and the bottom of the 2x4 "X" spreads across the hatch in the aft deck. This will hold the mast quite securely with the aid of a little rope and a few bungee cords to hold the stays in place.

With this approach, the mast is easy to put back up too, because you haven't un-hinged it.

I'd send you a picture, but my MT is sleeping away the winter inside right now :)
Hello, I am shopping boats in SW Fla and came upon this one and wondered if A Ross had an opinion? Any info would be appreciated. I am not allowed to send a private message to you
Marine Trader project almost finished

Hey Hitch I'd give this a very careful going over as the price seems a little too good to be true. MT 34's in decent shape are usually in the $35-45K range.
marine trader

Will do, I will hire a surveyor and see what he says...thanks much for the advice appreciated
I have a 4 X 4 block of wood with some carpet tacked on to let the mast down onto when stepping or traveling through low clearance locks. Just place it before the stern light and let the mast down on to it. The hinge holds it in place. Most times I don't even undo most of the rigging.

BTW it's 14 feet without the mast.
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