Marine intermediate shaft bearing.

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Oct 12, 2007
While some folks have intermediate bearings that require the shaft to be removed to swop them out, a work boat usually will demand* a better option.

This is one source of a marine bearing that can be replaced without removal.

Sure its a couple of bucks extra compared to the Ace hardware version , but the ability to service it yourself , in mere minuets?


1 7/16 shaft size and on up,

tho another company has them in smaller sizes , we used 1 3/8 on our 90/90.

-- Edited by FF on Thursday 28th of April 2011 05:48:39 AM* works

When the roller bearing cage fell apart on my Dodge intermediate bearing, I went shopping for a split bearing like the Craft Bearing.* The advantages seemed to outweight the added expense.

I don't remember whose brand I purchased, but*after installation, there was just too much heat produced due to a longer surface contact area.* May just be due to my installation situation.

Was able to return it, then bought a replacement Dodge roller bearing.**Runs cool, but yes - must remove the shaft if it fails.* It took 25 years for the first one to fail.

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"but after installation, there was just too much heat produced due to a longer surface contact area. "

The shaft is supposed to spin in the units roller bearings , not inside the outer shell.

There is usually a set screw to fix the inner bearing race to the shaft.

The units are sealed , so there might be extra heat from the seals , but those are greased in instalation.
Probably a different split shaft design.

Will revisit in 12 more years.
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