Mainship 36 Aft Cabin

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Tony B

Jul 18, 2011
Cruising/Live-Aboard USA
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Mainship 36 Dual Cabin -1986
I am now in a somewhat serious negotiation for a 1986 Mainship 36 Aft Cabin.

Once*we come to an agreement, I will get a Marine Surveyor to check it out.

Are there any inherent problems peculiar to this model that I should look into?

Thanks in advance.

Tony B
We bought an '88 aft cabin two years ago. *We've put about 40 hours on her so far without any serious problems beyond the usual house water pump replacement, etc. sorts of things. *She had just under 500 fresh water hours on her and very clean engines and bildge with good compression tests. The boat was reported to have been in a covered slip for most, if not all, of her days.

We like the boat very much and it is a lot of boat for the money. *I am unaware of any problems with this design or equipment. *Ours does lack a few features (house water guage, independent fuel tank guage, temp and oil presseur guages on genny, etc) and has Traveler heads which have intergrated holding tanks (both good and bad about that. *But on the whole, she handles well, has alot of storage and we love the aft deck. *Happy to give you more specifics if needed.
Forgot to mention the Mainship user groups on Yahoo. *There is a wealth of information available there.
The inherent problems with Mainships is core rot in the deck. They did a lousy job sealing screws and fittings and that allows water into the core.

Not hard to fix, but you need to know what the situation is before you buy.


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