Mainship 34 pilot color

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Jan 27, 2015
My 2003 pilot 34 is dark green, does anyone know the color code for this color? I am assuming the boat came from the factory painted with awlgrip, but I may be wrong.
My research found that all Mainshipscwere painted with Awlcraft 2000 (Awlgrip product and many simply call everything Awlgrip).
My Bacchus website has some Awlgrip/Awlcraft info in the Useful LinksLinks section.
I think some of the mfg links may no longer be valid but some useful info none the less.

I was very pleased with the small area repair match. I did most of the prep myself and had a friend with a spray gun & experience do my topcoat spray and then we did his boot stripe repaint that turned out excellent and still looks like new. He chose to add the Awlcraft clear top coat to his.
I had paperwork from original owner that listed the color blue. Good thing as there were many and tough to choose based on an online color card. I dont think there are as many reds & greens to choose from so matching should be easier.
Thanks for that, Don.

Our new-to-us 2006 34T has a navy blue hull, which we would like to have detailed and waxed before launch at the end of April.

Is it true that the paint is an Awl Grip product (Awlgrip or Awlcraft, which is it???), and that it requires special cleaning products and wax? Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.

Blue Mainship

We have a 2006 Pilot 34 - dark blue - which we bought in 2007. Other than a few bits of dock-rash the blue looks great.

For first 8 yrs we had it at Port Credit Harbor Marine and then had it trucked to Bay Port in Midland.

We follow Awlcrafts recommended procedure -

Each spring we do the following -
1. rinse off loose dust/dirt using a soft boat wash brush - lots of clean water
2. add AWLWASH to water in a dishpan (a bucket is too small for the brush)
3. wash a section of hull with the soapy water.
4. rinse thoroughly (don't let it dry)
5. squeegee dry
loop 3,4,5 till the hull is done

Then apply AWLCARE to the hull with circular motions (a light coating works).
After it hazes over buff it off by hand and polish with a clean rag. We use old cotton t-shirts.

With both of us it takes roughly half a day.
We try to do the side that is in the shade first and the other side when it's in the shade. This of course depends on how the boat is positioned.
Many thanks for this, Norlund, it is exactly the type of information we were hoping to learn.

I see that Amazon sells those products; have you found anywhere else less expensive?

Also, how much of each do you generally use each Spring?


Awlcraft usage

The Awlwash concentrate goes a long way - I'm on my second container going into year 17 with this boat. The Awlcare gets used up quicker - but it's a smaller container. Still one bottle lasts for 2 or 3 years.
I've posted the Awlcraft care recommendations on my Bacchus website... in useful links section.
I've used the recommended polymer coating and it worked well. I've also used other polymer coatings and saw no difference in look or durability.
I usually need to do a vinegar rinse after removing the dirt to get rid of hard water spots before doing the polymer coating.

Working in the shade is a must for me. I have used a tarp clamped to rail and supported by a couple step ladders to shade a sunny ( south) side of the hull if I couldn't get it done early AM.
Thanks again Norlund. When you say "container", would you be able to specify the size, please? I think it is available in two sizes.



That is all brilliant!

Many thanks,

Can any of you please advise how much of the Awlwash and Awlcare we will need for 1-3 years?

Thanks again,

Hull Color

Not sure if you got your answer on Hull color, my 2007 Pilot 430 is Awlgrip Jade Green, it's a dark green color. See photo


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