Mainship 30 engine hatch hits engine

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Sep 21, 2014
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2006 pilot 30
Hi all,
I have recently purchased a 2006 pilot 30' with the 315 yanmar.
Wondering if any one else has or had this issue. When or more people stand on engine hatch it contacts the engine on the port side and then transfers engine vibration into the hatch with an annoying noise. It hits on the very edge rail of the hatch. Any advise welcome.
Brielle, nj
I had exactly the same issue, but with a 4JH3E Yanmar. After looking at the indentations in the insulation, I found the front engine lifting ring was the offending item, so I simply removed it and that allowed enough clearance. I also replaced the rubber seal around the hatch which raised it an 1/8" or so. Good luck. :thumb:

M/V Boomarang
As the previous post implies something is probably wrong. It's not likely they designed it wrong.
Not uncommon. Lots of boats have little grinder scars or cut structure where things are "clearanced". Really just fixing mfr's goofs.

If shaft run has only one cutless bearing and floating gland, engine can be lowered and aligned in that position. With two cutless bearings or a hard mounted gland, kinda SOL, and time to get the grinder.

Or a stiff leg can be put between stringer and deck and jack it up a touch.
As the previous post implies something is probably wrong. It's not likely they designed it wrong.

In my case, the boat had been repowered and the Yanmar was taller than the original Perkins. I had decided to change the engine mounts due to age, and discovered the rear mounts were completely bottomed out and had been adjusted all the way down. When I disconnected the shaft coupler, the shaft dropped almost an inch, which meant it had been horribly out of alignment for a long time. In order to properly align the shaft, I modified the engine beds and mounts to lower the rear of the engine. This, in turn, raised the front of the engine somewhat. The lifting ring now contacted the hatch when the engine shuddered to a stop or when shifting in or out of gear. Removing the lifting ring and adding a thicker gasket solved my problem, and the shaft is now properly aligned.:thumb:
I'm thinking it's not an engine alignment or mount issue. Hours are low 215.
The hatch is long, probably 5'. It only rests at the hinge and two pads at the end of the hatch. Thinking It is sagging a bit in the middle. Stringer of the hatch contacts the aft end of the valve cover. Perhaps shimming the rubber pads at the stern where the hatch rests when closed.
Thanks for replies
To all,
A quick update should any other pilot 30 owners encounter.
Upon closer inspection the engine mounts have a vertical adjustment. Threaded shaft with two lock nuts to the arm that attaches to the engine. So minding the shaft adjustment I can lower the entire engine.
Looking at the maint specs this alignment is something recommended to be checked annually.
"So minding the shaft adjustment I can lower the entire engine. "
Assuming your engine and shaft are in alignment now, you can't move the engine.

" It's not likely they designed it wrong. "
Oh Eric, That's sweet, but this isn't a Willy we're talking about. You're so innocent.:flowers:
Depending on how the shaft exits the boat, often you can lower the whole engine and still line it up correctly. Most shaft logs can handle lowering or raising the engine to some degree. The slight angle down at the strut will not cause issues.

Depends on how the shaft line is set up.

First step is check where alignment is now.

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