Looking for a Californian 34 in the PNW

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Nov 9, 2010
We are looking to buy an older*Californian 34 and would prefer normally aspirated engines. We found one that looks good in Ventura Ca but that is about $8000 worth of shipping away from Victoria BC. If anyone has one for sale in the PNW let me know.

Roger Nelson
Victoria BC
Roger, are you set on a Californian, or would a 34' CHB work for you? There's one for sale in the Brookings harbor; I believe it's an early 80s. *I spoke to the owner a couple months ago when he had it out for bottom paint, zincs and such. *Single 120 Lehman diesel (na) and lots of electronics and so forth.

If you're interested I can get more details when I'm at the marina tomorrow.

There's also a 34' Californian listed on Yacht World not too far from you.


Anything we can do to help, just ask! Good luck in your search.

Brookings, Oregon
Thanks Mike

At this point we are stuck on the Californian. I have looked at the one in Nanaimo, the boat is pretty good but the current owner has repaired a soft cabin top by bonding 3/4 plywood to the inside and putting in a*new headliner that is dropped*about 1.5 inches to refinish the ceiling. It looks ok inside but the repair method has made me nervous and the loss of headroom is unfortunate.

So still looking.........

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