Lehman air filter substitution

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Apr 11, 2008
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DeFever 48
I found myself in a bind recently needing two Lehman 120 air filters. On a whim I got two Shopvac foam filter sleeves and tried them out. Wouldn't you know they are a perfect fit!! You only need to trim the length with a scissor if you want a factory fit! Cost about $4 bucks each and available everywhere!
Recently the foam sock over my Lehman 120 air filter disintegrated, and I was sick of replacing it, which is a messy job anyway, and I suspect it was not a terrible efficient set-up as well. I thought of adapting the upper and lower plates with metal rods/nuts to compress between them a drum type paper filter, like Darrell (Baltimore Lurker) recently described, (an elegant solution I admit, and more environmentally responsible to boot), but then decided what the heck, and I went to Auto-Barn and got a large truck diesel engine pod filter I saw in their catalogue. They had one with the exact 70mm diameter mount, and it just cir-clipped straight on. I thought about trying to drill a hole in the top to plug in the tube from the rocker-cover breather vent, then decided the complexity that would introduce would outweigh the tiny wee gesture to a greener environment, and just left it disconnected. If that makes me a 'bad' man, then so be it. But boy, what a nice neat and clean solution, and the engine runs beautifully.
Sounds like these shop Vac foam filters might have been another way to go, and even cheaper than what I did, though maybe not as long-lasting. What is a shop Vac exactly? Any chance of a pic or link....just in case....we might have the equivalent Down-under..?
Also known as a canister Vacuum cleaner. . . . . Remind me Peter and I'll send you one for Christmas *




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Thanks Larry, that would certainly work for my set-up. Well, I've kept the original cleaner intake frame, rocker cover vent tube and all, so if I become disillusioned with my pod filter solution, I now know about an easy cheap alternative.
I'm sure we must have canister vacs like that.
My air cleaner, dry pod style, is still working just great.

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