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Jan 9, 2008
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I would like to replace the 10 watt halogen bulbs in my present cabin lighting with led lamps. The goal is less heat and power draw. As best I can find, a 120 lumen set up is equvilent to the 10 watt halogen. Can anyone confirm this? Anyone done this? My plan is to simply replace the G-4 bulbs with leds of the same light output.

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I'd advise trying one first before launching out and buying many. They are not cheap, and in my experience thus far Rob, those which just fit into the std bayonet fitting are a bit disappointing in their brightness. However for internal reading lights, I have found the strip versions with 20-30 LEDs in each and which rotate thru an arc to aim them are great, and certainly do save battery drain. I have also found a round type for ceiling mount with a low and high switch, which has about 30 LEDs, dropping to ~10 in the low position - great over the galley, but again, needs to be mounted as a unit. They may have better brighter bayonet fit types now, but just be careful. The ones I got were supposed to be equal to the 5w they replaced but are so dim as to be useful as courtesy lights only.
I have replaced most of my interior, and have purchased but not yet installed LED bulbs for the running lights on my boat. The g4 replacements vary in output, I have tried 4 different ( at least ) types and settled on the bulbs in the link below. They also have a warm white version that works great, with a bit less lumen. I have these mounted in under cab style puck light housings over the counter tops in the galley and the bar in the salon.... they are plenty bright to read by and all of them on they use less than 1 amp on the meter! My kids are happy as I no longer have to harp on them to turn out the lights they are not using when we are on the hook. The bright or cool white lights typically have a very cool white fluorescent loot to them. Recently I added twin 18 led round style led bulbs to the ABI ceiling lights that came with twin 20w halogen bulbs. The dont seem as bright in the light at dusk..... I havent been on the boat in complete darkness yet. They might be just fine... too early to tell

I have tried the LEd replacements for the halogen pucks. In my experience, the light quality is better since I could find warm white LED's. There still is an issue with "surface Brightness", which is the same problem we have with the Halogen pucks - that is, mounted in the overhead, and using them for reading lights, I get some glare through the tops of my glasses with either unit. I'm thinking of trying to find some frosted glass for diffusers.

There is a company that makes waterproof navigation LED's, however I found that these are not yet compatible with some of the larger Hella nav fixtures. The LED housing has too great a diameter to mate with the internals of the Hella fixture. The supplier is supposed to be developing a new unit with a somewhat smaller diameter which will work in these fixtures.

All of these LED's are expensive - at least10x halogen bulbs, so if you have a number of fixtures the cost adds up fast. I've got a big battery bank and a generator, so the economics aren't there for me yet
You might be able to find something you need here:


I've modified many of the fixtures on our Gulfstar with different products from this outfit.

One thing I did was to buy led strips and link them and put them in to replace the original fluorescent fixtures....using 12V leds...and used textured clear plastic sheets cut to size to diffuse the light....absolutely glare free and doesn't affect a computer screen.

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