Leaking Bolt Threads

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May 15, 2011
Vessel Make
1976 Californian Tricabin LRC
Perkins 6-354 N/A *130 HP

I replaced the exhaust maniforlds with stainless about a year ago. *I just noticed that the block end of the threads on three of the exhaust manifold studs are weeping a little engine oil. *This is on the starboard engine, the port engine seems to be fine. *

I remember reading somewhere that there is a product you use to seal these threads. *Anyone recall or have a solution?*
The gasket is what should be keeping the oil from weeping. Have you tried re-torquing them? I use an anti-seize compound on any bolts in the exhaust system so I can remove them later.
Remove the studs, clean, and reinstall with Permatex #2
What Rick B said.

Also the starboard forward engine mount studs can leak also. I have sealed mine in the past this way.

Thanks guys, I knew you would have the answer.
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