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Jan 23, 2011
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Kadey Krogen 36 Manatee #46
Plan A, we'll move our Manatee from Lake Travis to the GAL bay area in '12 to prep her*for the*Loop.**We'll want to slip her somewhere decent for a couple of months while we*get come canvas & electonics installed.** Give me your recommendations & suggestions.* Also, what to avoid.

We'll be at the Freeport thingy mid May.*
We really enjoy the HOUSTON YACHT CLUB. *

Other marinas are: *Waterford Harbor, Watergate, Marina del Sol and Lakewood Yacht Club...all close in to town.

Welcome to the area.
South Shore Harbour. Very nice, well maintained floating docks, the area around the marina is first rate. And reasonable to boot. We have kept our girl there a couple of times.
Waterford and Watergate have good docks, good locations and high prices.

I'm at South Shore for now (it's tough in these economic times).* Although, South Shore is a good hurricane hole and has very laid back rules.

Kemah Boardwalk can be fun for a newcomer, for a while.* Then it gets old.* Or maybe I'm getting old.

I have had Boomarang in all of these at one time or another, except for Watergate.

Welcome to Clear Lake/Galveston Bay!

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