Is this a good deal on a AB dink?

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Sounds to me that the boat is a better deal than the motor.* It isn't a RIB which I would prefer, But thats just me.* I had a 10 hp Honda once until some bast%#@ stole it out of my garage,* Great little motor.* My preference would*be a 2 stroke though.* You had to be careful how you set the Honda down so that it didn't pee pee oil.* And it was heavy for a 10HP.* But 4 strokes are the wave of the future.* I didn't catch if the boat was hypalon or PVC.
AB builds a good boat, but what you need to factor in is how will you store & deploy the boat. I have found that with a 10 ft boat you typically would like a 10HP outboard, to get it up on plane with someone else in it. But if you have to lift the boat and motor, then the size might be right for you. Price wise sounds alittle high as a package.
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