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Jan 20, 2010
All, I am not sure exactly what is driving the change, but I was able to save about 30% on my boat insurance by asking another agent to see what was available.* Coverages increased at a lower cost, so perhaps boat insurance has become more competitive.* My existing policy was going to increase (ACE insurance), but when told I was switching, ACE offered to lower it - a sure sign that the insurance market is functioning more like a Turkish rug bazaar than an efficient marketplace.* If you haven't shopped around lately, you might give it a try.
Last time I bought a Turkish rug at a bazzaar, the final price was about 1/2 the original ask. Good luck getting that good a reduction!
This is good advice.* I reciently got several quotes for the yacht I run, and saved the owner thousands of dollars, while the coverage amounts actually increased!* A good agent is worth every penny he earns.............Arctic Traveller
When it came time to renew my insurance, the company (Dolphin Insurance out of Vancouver BC) actually suggested that I change underwriters (not sure if that is the correct term) which I did, saving money on the premium and improving coverage. Quite impressed.

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