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Mar 17, 2008
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Any ideas on an insulating material, with an easily cleanable surface to fit to the overhead surfaces of a plywood on frame deckhouse??? Doing the loop, the heat on the bottom of the ply would get too much on hot days.
One of the best insulating materials is that foam house sheathing material at Home Depot et al. To make it nicer, take some 3m headliner adhesive spray, and attach some cloth or vinyl to the white side, and mount with the foil side facing the ply. Any good construction adhesive should do.
The cleanable part is the hard part.

We prefer the material like the anti noise tiles found in commercial office spaces.

It id made these days in a planking that is insulation and very good at noise reduction.

Since its cheap and simply stapled in place it could cheaply and easily be thrown out every few years. The plank effect is OK , "nautical".

WE currently have 2 ft x 4 ft noise panels material with thin varnished battens supporting it , but this winter I am going to replace the pilot house roof and use this plank option.

Some extra overhang , a opening hatch for the engine removal hatch (instead of fixed), and a better mount for the vents , stronger air cond (RV exterior style) mount and a better location for the 75W solar are in the works. Along with more camber to make the roof look better.
been searching for months for this plank option.Do you have a manufacturer or a spec sheet so I can source this in Northern Ontario?
Many thanks.
Looks like I,ll go with 1/2 " rigid insulation,glued in place then the Armstrong planks held in place with either mahogany or cedar cove moulding.
The beams run from side to side , the planking will go fore and aft.

As the PH was created from 2x10x10 , which are trimmed to about 6 inch depth to get roof camber , there is loads! of space for insulation. As we like cool places as much as FL , the whole depth will probably get rigid foam.

Wood or other trim will be required at penetrations , air cond , vents, opening hatch and the rest , but not to hold the planks in place.

To keep down the holes (and therefore rot starters ) for wiring and goodie mounting the plan is to epoxy the mounting lumber outside the GRP covering .

The PH top now extends fwd of the PH so a flag holder base will be installed between the forward opening windows.

This points down so the wiring will be protected , and will then lead up (with a drip loop) to the radar mounting base , which actually gets the VHF , steaming light , anchor light , search light and perhaps the "crew meals owner absent " light.

All will be below the dry exhaust height , so those 12ft bridges will still not slow us down.
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