Info please...28' "Puget Trawler"

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May 10, 2010
Anyone have any info on these? Built, circa 1978, they look suspiciously like the Camano 28/31. Also, could someone provide keywords to search converting teak decks to fiberglass?* thanks in advance..
Never heard of it although that doesn't mean much. Lots of boats ,good and bad, built in this area that never got past a very few. The economy a year or two later killed many builders.
Bob Warman, N.A., designed the Camano 28 plus a bunch of others; maybe it's one of his earlier designs. He did a number of one or two offs.

SOme simple looking at previous post will show several people that have done decks. One fellow , Albin 43, showed some photos in the last bit.

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