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Scraping Paint
Oct 23, 2007
Took a shot of this boat today in Bellingham.* For the past several winters it has appeared about this time and spent the winter here on A-dock.* I know what kind of boat it is, but what do you think?** Who made it, where, and (approximately) when?


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Nice looking boat -- it must not be the obvious, so I'll guess a Stephens from the 70s.

Don may be right, Alaskan did a good job of copying DeFever 49 in that era as did others. OA Mark Is are simialr again.
I'd go with the Alaskan, although a newer model than Cottonwood, judging by the trim and other details.*

The canvas on the forward area gave it a bit of a Garden look, which was confusing on first look.
A little anecdote about the Alaskan.* In the mid 70s a guy cruised one into the Morehead City Yacht Basin.* He had "special cargo" on board.* (That's a lady for those that don't know.)* He immediately went up to the office and told them that if anyone calls looking for him or the boat, tell them that you haven't seen either.* He said mywife and my mother are lookng for me.
* Now, what could he have been up to?

Life is interesting on the ICW.
Looks like a Bill Garden boat to me. I sure like the way they mounted their crane re the stout post under the base. It is an old wood boat and the roof lines are very attractive compared to almost ANY plastic boat. The owner bought this boat and he also bought the big Danforth anchor on the bow. This is a hint as to how he thinks and may have played a part in his choice of boat as well. dvd's thought about Stephens has merit but I'll throw in guessing it's a custom built boat designed by Garden and built by Vic Frank on Lake Union.

Oh I forgot about the age part of the question. It's dated. Look at the spotlight and the mast. They point to the early 60s possibly late 50s.

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It is an Alaskan which, along with Grand Banks, was a line of boats produced by American Marine.* Alaskans were made in various sizes from 45' up into the 50+ foot range.* My guess is this one is in the high 40s.* The GB next to*it is a 49-footer.* *

All Alaskans are wood and they were all built in AM's original Kowloon Yard across the bay from Hong Kong. Alaskans date from the late 60s to early 70s. Alaskans were never switched over to glass. When AM closed their Kowloon yard after moving most of their operation to Singapore, that was the end of the Alaskans. The design is by deFever.


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I'd stick with what you've got if I was you. At least it's fibreglass...
I would not be surprised if this used to be Bob Munro's boat. Bob was one of he co-founders of Kenmore Air Harbor (today's Kenmore Air). When I got involve with the company he had a steel-hull, 42'deFever named "Sea Beaver" that he kept in a boathouse at Kenmore Air's main base in Kenomore at the north end of Lake Washington.* He acquired the boat a payment or partial payment for an aircraft reapair job they were given. According to him it was one of only two or three ever made with a steel hull.* The steel-hull boats were built in Mexico. As-built, "Sea Beaver" did no have a bulbous bow.* I see from the spec on the link above that this was added in 2006.

The topsides are all wood--- only the hull is steel. He and his family used the "Sea Beaver for decades, running up the Inside Passage to SE Alaksa every summer as well as to places like Big Bay in BC.

My wife and I were given first refusal on "Sea Beaver" after Bob's death but we had already purchased (with Bob's encouragement) the boat we have now. The "Sea Beaver" was sold and went to California where it was* completely overhauled and repowered (original engines were Cats). * I have been told by the Munro family that is now back in Washington State. I would not be at all surprised to learn this is the same boat.

It was certainly well cared for when Bob had it--- he and his family loved that boat.* I have no idea what has transpired wtih the successive owners.

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