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Nov 5, 2015
Hello, my name is Joe and thank you for letting me join your forum. I grew up in NYC on the water. My dad always had a boat and I loved it. Now I am getting ready to retire and my dream is to cruise up and down the AICW following the warmer weather.
All I need is a trawler and an understanding wife. I think one of these will be easy; you guess which one.
I will have plenty of questions once I start shopping; for for now; I just wanted to say hello.
Luckily I have both and plan to expand our cruising next season.

Cruising in a 28 footer means my Wife is very understanding!
Welcome. You have been bitten by the boat bug. Lots of info here. The best I can tell you is get your wife in looking at Yachtworld with you and attend boat shows. She will get bitten too.
Welcome aboard

Boating is the solution, does not matter what the question was !!!:thumb::thumb:

Enjoy, plenty of good and not so good information/advice here for you to consider.

Cheers Chris D Liberty Sydney Australia
I invited my wife to look at boats because a females view of what is important is a lot different than a males. Also makes a great reason fun way to date. Heck, my wife is the reason we have a 58 ft rather than a 40 ft and been a live a board for 20 years. So might want to look for both at the same time.:socool:

The same reason I am presently in a land yatch she picked out. Its really her boat and motor home, so she can not complain, but hey its a great life style.:thumb:
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All I need is a trawler and an understanding wife. I think one of these will be easy; you guess which one.
I will have plenty of questions once I start shopping; for for now; I just wanted to say hello.

Welcome lots of info advice and experience here on TF that can help getting started.
When wife & considered getting into boating we were in a similar situation...wife was completely new to it and unsure.
We joined a local sail & power Squadron and took some courses, made many boating friends, went to shows, asked a lot of questions, then bought our first boat to give it a try. Found we both liked boating especially cruising but our choice of boat had some shortcomings. We got it right w our second boat and kept her for 12+ yrs. Our current trawler just made the cruising much more comfortable and convenient.

Spend a LOT of time thinking about how you will the boat and what the must vs want features are...it's a challenge to get it right the first time but can be done
Good luck
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Wifey B: Involve wife in the selection from the start. Two people will see and appreciate and be bothered by different things. It's a second home and traditionally the one leading the home selection is the wife. It's a boat and traditionally the one leading the boat selection is the husband. Now these roles are changing and my hubby and I are the contradiction.

Simple things, like one of you is more inclined to service the engines so that one will be the one who is more concerned with the engine room. One of you is more inclined to cook probably and that one will be the one to better evaluate the galley.

We recommend chartering some too. We did. You find what you like and don't plus if one of you is going to end up not liking the whole deal then you'll find that out perhaps.

And don't do it to a fixed timetable, sort of like all of your boating. Our purchase about to happen took us almost 3 years to decide on. The boat we're choosing wasn't out there when we started. We also came close to what we think would have been a big mistake. A wonderfully laid out boat that all the owners say to buy, it's great, do it, we love ours. But then you talk to them about problems and their punch lists are a bazillion miles long and so many problems and you can't fathom why they still love it so, but you realize you couldn't deal with that.

Together, you will find the ideal boat for you, but it won't happen immediately as you have to figure out what is important. There are things you won't even think of when you start the search. I remember one boat that looked great online and on paper. Well....duh....do they mention headroom. I can't find it. We ask. Don't know, they'll check. Finally, 76". Ut oh. Hubby will almost fit. We had no idea until we started how much problem headroom would be.

Now, I know this sounds sick, like a disease or something, but we love looking at and evaluating and learning about different boats.

Now sometimes you'll feel like you're doing this :banghead:

But ultimately, you'll do this. :D
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