Hurricane ike damage report!

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Oct 1, 2007
We just were able to retrieve Boomarang from Portofino Marina last night.* What a mess!* There are 2 fuel storage tanks (maybe 1000 gals? and bubbling red diesel), an 18 wheeler box trailer, a couple of new boats that weren't there before, and bits and pieces of stuctures (maybe Maribelle's?).* I was able to kayak in*and find Boomarang with a missing (but retrieved) hatch cover.* Other than that, no damage!* Amazing!

Lakewood Yacht Club seems to have many large yachts up to the 70' plus range scattered about.* We'll try to get some pics later.* Waterford Harbour has a lot of torn head sales (does anybody know how to keep those things from unfurling?).* Other than that, no sunken boats that I can see,*just few that tore cleats from the docks and ended up sideways and on top of their neighbors.

My house is missing a lot of roof tiles and some wind blown water damage.* Minor for now but the rain is still coming.* Does anybody know who to call to get a temporary blue tarp installed?* USAA says they may pay for temp. fix.* Anybody hear of such BS?

Rhonda Lowe was able to shoot some pics of some of the destruction.* We'll get them posted real soon.

Ron & Karen - Summertime seems to be in good shape.

Film at 11:00!

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Re: Huricane ike damage report!

BTW, it looks like Waterford Harbour Marina got about 11 feet of surge.* I hope to get a more acurate measurement later today.

They predicted 12 - 18, I think.

I know, you guys in the Pacific NW are saying "11 feet, so what".* We usually only deal with about 18" from low tide to high tide.

Re: Huricane ike damage report!

Lots of damage, floating docks win by a landside!


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Re: Huricane ike damage report!

More pics.....


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Re: Huricane ike damage report!

Hey Doug, an amazing amount of damage. Really lucky that you had minimal damage. Glad you came through OK. I hope to hear that the rest of our Texas members made out as well!!!
Re: Huricane ike damage report!

Good to hear from your area. Any damage reports/ pics of South Shore Harbour Marina? Looks like the floating piers worked as designed. Looks like the Galveston Sea Wall also worked as designed. Hope you guys get power soon.
Re: Huricane ike damage report!

I have not seen South Shore Harbor, yet.* "The Palms" apartments next door has power.* We are resting on Boomarang with the old Kohler 4kw keeping us cool.

I will be posting a link to more pictures later.* Too many to put here.

South Shore Harbour marina is basically untouched. Lots of dirt in the parking lot, and no water pressure Sunday, but otherwise fine. Torn canvas as you would expect, but most stuff is fine.
Here you go........the links to the photos.* Sorry for so many but there is just too much destruction; lots of photos to share.*

This link is the view from the water.* Mostly marina's.* Each of these marina's house some boats which are very close friend's of mine.* They all faired very well considering what it could of been like.* Just look at the photos.*

This link is the view from land.*

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I cannot believe the number of boats in the pictures that still have sails on the sticks, canvas and dodgers mounted, ising glass up etc. That stuff should have all been removed and taken ashore.

It seems like our gulf coast members all faired well. I think there was probably more than just luck involved in that!!
This is no lie, I actually saw a guy come into Waterford Harbor in a small sport fish to dock there for the storm.* After he tied up he proceeded to install all of his Ising glass.* It survived!

However, it did probably keep all of the tiles that blew off of my roof from damaging his cockpit/helm.

Oh, and by the way, I did an informal survey.* Exactly 100% of those that removed sails, biminis, and Ising glass....had ZERO damage to any of it!

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Thanks for posting all the pictures. The losses are staggering, particularly when you think that each of those pictures has personal loss associated with it.
I agree with cousin Vinny, I would just add that it would only apply to a named hurricane or storm. ie the owner had plenty of time to get the stuff off. When you stop to figure that a set of sails for even a 27-30 ft sail boat can be as much as $5000. it adds up quick. And you know who is paying for that....all of us!
Very cool pic!!!!**There is a memorial to those people that died in the great Hurricane of 1900 in Galveston.* This is a pic taken of that memorial on the seawall Friday evening as Ike approached.

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Good to year you made it through this one. The overall appears real similar to Katrina. I am currently in Austin, preparing to open a Disaster Recovery Center at a location which has not been revealed to me yet. Best wishes to all of you dealing with the aftermath. It's a long hard road to recovery, but I know you are all up to the task.
Those of you that had your boats damaged by the heart goes out to you. I don't think I would survive the grief of seeing my beloved boat damaged and sitting on its own bottom in a parking lot.. or worse. I don't know how you guys do it and <u>I really admire your toughness and doggedness</u> in facing these events. Good luck to you all and think about San Diego as a possible place to pursue your boating. Yeh, the earth moves once in awhile but the boats don't seem to mind.

SeaHorse II wrote:

Those of you that had your boats damaged by the hurricane....Walt
Walt, thank you very much for your thoughts.* I am unaware of any members of this forum that had any significant damage in Hurricane Ike.* Brent, John, Troy, Keith, Jim, Ron, myself; we all came out just fine.* Maybe it's the difference in "engaged boater" vs. "disengaged boater".* Maybe luck, maybe prayer.

If any of our members did receive major damage, please let us know.* There are a lot of guys and gals here to help.* I now personaly know of 7 families that had homes that will probably be a total loss.* These homes are in 6 different communities scattered all over SE Texas.* I'm sure that I will hear of more as I start to get word from others.

When I found Boomarang it reminded me of the old plane crash story.* You know, the one where they find the crying baby in a debris field with no suvivors, and not a scratch on her!


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