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Oct 6, 2007
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1983 42' Present Sundeck
This is how I attach a battery cable end. I don't remember ever seeing one fail, but I have had a few unsoldered crimped ends fail. If there is a better idea out there I would be glad to connect a sample cable end to my soldered end and post pictures of the results. Just UPS your cable to me. This could prove one way or the other the best/ safest method.Steve


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It takes a big, expensive crimper to properly crimp that kind of stuff. I wouldn't buy one unless I had a lot of fittings to do. Luckily, our local West Marine has one that you can use in the store. I also have a friend who has one that I can borrow, but I haven't had to make one in years.
That's the way they used to do them years ago at the place I worked years ago. The cables were used on tractor starting batteries. Our system was much more sophisticated we had a real vise not just visegrips!!
Well- you know how us boat captains learn to use what we have available!! Actually, I am usually replacing just the cable end and the Vicegrips allow me to position the terminal in a convenient position.Steve
Would anyone say this is a wise method of soldering a crimped end. On the large lug cable ends I first crimped with a chisel and anvil then I drilled a small hole *in the lug and filled it with solder. I didn't think it would sweat in. *I liked FF idea of dipping the end in a ladel of solder but didn't have that set up. *I do have a torch and solder. *last on goes the heat shrink.
Would it be better to tin the cable end before inserting into the clamp?
Would it be better to tin the cable end before inserting into the clamp?

Perhaps but a good terminal end is a very close fit , so tinning first might make insertion difficult .

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