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Dec 2, 2010
Any other Blounts out there?


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Wow! I sure hope so. That is a nice looking boat from I can see!
Nice Boat! Blount builds a nice nice steel boat-mostly commercial. I have a friend that had the "Walter E Phipps" built in the early 70's, and it was used as a research vsl (mostly for Raytheon as a test platform) .
It had a hyvo drive - a 6-71 with a walters V drive mounted under it and connected by a wide rubber belt. The system worked really well, the belt had to be replaced every 3000 hrs. Belts were easily obtained because they were an industrial off the shelf item ($125).
Luther Blount stayed active at the shipyard well in to his 80's, and his daughter now runs the place with several other siblings.
NSage wrote:

Any other Blounts out there?
I only wish I had a Blount. You've got a fabulous boat there. Can we see more?

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